AquaStar Water Recycler

Efficient performance

The KAISER PREMIER AquaStar® offers a perfect combination of performance and versatility. The KDU jetting pump delivers water at a rate up to 132 gpm and water pressure of up to 2900 psi. The large hose reel can accommodate up to a 985 ft jetting hose. With the KAISER vacuum pump, the maximum air throughput is 2,390 cfm with a high vacuum of 25” Hg. Due to the combined jetting hose and suction boom, the vehicle can be positioned at a manhole for a sewer cleaning process that is both quick and safe. Due to the large hose reel capacity of up to a 55.6 ft suction hose, dig tube extensions are not needed in most cases. The unique installation of the vacuum pump in the fresh water chamber serves for cooling, noise insulation as well as increases the suction power because of the short suction lines.


  • With the patented ROTOMAX water recycling system, the AquaStar represents a benchmark for the industry in the high-performance recycling sector.
  • The AquaStar is equipped to clean sewer pipes as well as catch basins.
  • Due to the high-pressure system and the hose reel placement, the AquaStar can also be used in Hydrovac applications.


The consumption-optimized hydraulic system reduces fuel consumption by adjusting the suction power in accordance with the vacuum rate. Cleaning quality in the sewer pipe is enhanced by the constant jetting hose drive with speed control.

Greater operating comfort

The information display with integrated analysis system gives the operator qualified feedback on current performance parameters. Data such as jetting hose length counter, vehicle weight and component status are transmitted directly to the radio remote control and presented in graphical form on the display. The display and control of the water pressure at the jetting nozzle also make sewer cleaning considerably easier.

No worries – diagnosis made easy

With KAISERteleservice remote diagnostics, the service engineer can easily log into the vehicle control system via a modem, access all current data and perform any necessary trouble-shooting. He can even modify parameters if needed. Downtime can be reduced to a minimum.


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Tel: +1 970-542-1975