• Sewer Pipe and Main Inspection

Sewer Pipeline Inspection Cameras

Pipeline inspection is a critical function for municipalities for maintaining a healthy infrastructure. Monitoring pipe integrity for cracks and breaks, discovering blockages, or locating existing pipelines can be a difficult and expensive task. Pipeline inspection cameras can lighten the burden of checking pipeline health, often with only a single operator required to do the job.

Our line of Hathorn and Proteus pipeline inspection cameras can cover a wide range of operations including internal inspections for leaks or cracks, drainage or stoppage issues, sewer connections and pipeline locations. Pipeline inspection cameras can be a simple push camera for small diameter pipes (as small as 4") up to a crawler-mounted, telescoping camera systems that can inspect 87"-diameter pipes.

Supporting software provides the ability to record what the inspection camera sees, measure pipe diameters or cracks, and control semi-autonomous camera travel. Camera units can also transmit a signal back to locating wands used to track pipeline locations.