• Slot Trenching

Slot Trenching with Hydro Excavation Equipment

Slot trenching is used in construction and infrastructure projects where a narrow trench is dug in order to lay pipes, cables, or various underground utilities. Hydro excavation is an especially effective method for digging slot trenches. The CV Series Hydrovac or TerraVac Hydrovac trailers can be used to dig precise narrow trenches to an exact depth using high-pressured water or air while maintaining the integrity of the surrounding soil. Hydro excavators are a safer and more practical alternative to traditional slot trenchers equipped with cutting blades.

Hydro excavation is a safe alternative to traditional shovel or trenching methods for utility locating for construction and infrastructure applications. Hydro excavation is also an environmentally friendly excavation method that protects existing utilities, pipelines, and cables from being damaged by traditional mechanical or destructive trenching practices.

Using KAISER PREMIER’s CV Series Hydrovacs and TerraVac Hydro Excavation Trailers allow operators to dig an accurate trench to a specified width and depth while working around existing obstacles. This reduces the need for additional backfill, extensive shoring, existing concrete or asphalt repair that is typically required when using traditional slot trenching machines.