Pipeline Inspection Camera Van

Camera Vans

KAISER RENTAL now offers Proteus’™ innovative solutions for the pipeline inspection industry extending back over 20 years.

Proteus has created the most advanced, most capable, most feature-rich system. Proteus has been designed to meet your needs in the real world: a system which is highly affordable, reliable, and fully supported by experienced engineers.

The Proteus system is highly expandable and - most importantly - future proof.

Portable Camera Systems

Load the full capabilities of a complete camera system in the bed of your pick-up truck. The rugged, weatherproof inspection transport enclosure powers, protects and organizes all your pipeline inspection equipment, including crawler, cable reel, monitor and computer.  A slide out drawers holds your tractor, camera heads and accessories. Rack shelving to store a PC and mount a monitor.  Also includes built in wash bay.

Portable Dolly Mount System

The new Proteus Lite combines the trusted performance and reliability of the Proteus family in an economic entry-level system.  The Proteus Lite is the ideal starter kit for a single operator set-up, integration into a small inspection van, or a low-cost option for larger companies to use in remote locations. Proteus Lite provides all the resources required to undertake efficient, easy to perform inspections.


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Tel: +1 970-542-1975