EcoCycler Water Recycler

KAISER PREMIER is proud to announce their latest addition to their water recycler line-up with the EcoCycler Water Recycler.

The core of KAISER’s recycling technology consists of three parts:

  • A highly efficient single-piston jetting pump
  • The KAISER 3100i liquid ring vacuum pump
  • Single-stage filtration system with self-cleaning capabilities

The EcoCycler’s debris tank is constructed of 304 stainless steel with a capacity of 9.8 yd3 of material. The full opening rear door is epoxy coated carbon steel. This tank construction will not rust, has better chemical resistance, and allows for a more efficient material offload while dumping.

The suction hose boom is mounted on the debris tank and available as a standard telescoping boom or an upgraded top mounted spool design like the AquaStar. The standard boom can telescope up to 5.5’ and rotate up to 270 degrees.

The jetting hose is located at the rear door on a hydraulically driven hose reel. Standard hose length is 600' of 1" hose and can be upgraded to 720' of 1" hose. All controls are conveniently located at the work area at the rear of the vehicle. The panel allows for full control of the cleaning and recycling operations. A wireless remote is also available for simple jetting operations.

With similar capabilities to KAISER PREMIER’s AquaStar Water Recycler, the EcoCycler is reliable in the toughest conditions.


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Tel: +1 970-542-1975


Tel: +1 970-542-1975