The WWETT Show - Water & Wastewater Equipment, Treatment & Transport Show - is the world's largest annual trade show for wastewater and environmental service professionals. KAISER PREMIER will be showcasing equipment in two booths this year!

Booth 3107 – KAISER PREMIER AquaStar Recycler

The KAISER PREMIER AquaStar offers a perfect combination of performance and versatility and represents a benchmark for the industry in the high-performance recycling sector. We’re proud to be bringing this globally proven recycler technology to North America.

The Kaiser KDU single-piston jetting pump delivers up to 132 GPM of water with pressure up to 2,900 PSI for large diameter pipe applications. The combination rear-mounted jetting hose/suction boom allow optimal positioning at manholes for quick, efficient and safe cleaning operations requiring only one operator.

The boom hose reaches 35’ deep without any extension tubes, saving both set-up/tear-down time. Intelligent controls optimize operational speeds resulting in lower fuel consumption and maximized fuel cost savings.

Come by booth 3107 to experience the office launch of the AquaStar in the US!

Booth 2551 – KAISER PREMIER CV Series Hydrovac

The CV Series Hydrovac is powerful, rugged and most important… simple. We understand that operators rely on user-friendly equipment that performs in the field with minimal downtime. All working components are easily accessible for visual inspection and routine maintenance.

Our CV Series Hydrovacs can boom out to a distance of 26 feet or reach 23 feet down without adding any extensions. This means that you can get to work quickly and efficiently.

You will be able to see our industry-leading CV Series Hydrovac with an exciting, new feature: Air + Water excavation capabilities. This will definitely be something you will want to come learn about!