No-Dig Show 2019

KAISER Premier will be at NASTT’s No-Dig Show, the largest trenchless technology conference in North America.

We invite you to come visit us in booth 1011 to learn more about our CV Series Hydrovacs with Air+Water lance.

There are several factors that come into play when deciding to use air or water in an excavation project: soil make-up and density, temperature, local regulations, etc. While most hydrovac units are equipped with both air and water attachments, switching from one to the other takes time and chips away at your productivity.

KAISER Premier’s new, patented Air+Water lance makes the choice between air or water very easy: choose both! The Air+Water lance allows an operator to switch between air and water on-the-fly. But the true power of the Air+Water lance is the ability to combine air and water ratios based on specific site demands. Operators no longer need to start with water and then change equipment to use air, or vice versa.

The CV Series Hydrovac is powerful, rugged and most important… simple. We understand that operators rely on user-friendly equipment that performs in the field with minimal downtime. All working components are easily accessible for visual inspection and routine maintenance. Please come by to find out more about a rental and purchase options.

Speaking of rentals, KAISER Rental is expanding our rental fleet options to include pipeline inspection cameras. We now offer Proteus'™ innovative solutions for the pipeline inspection industry extending back over 20 years. Proteus has created the most advanced, most capable, most feature-rich system. Proteus has been designed to meet your needs in the real world: a system which is highly affordable, reliable, and fully supported by experienced engineers. The Proteus system is highly expandable and - most importantly - future proof. And is now available from KAISER Rental.