KAISER PREMIER and Global Machinery Dealership Announcement

KAISER PREMIER is proud to announce the addition of Global Machinery as its newest dealer/distributor covering Colorado, northern California, northern New Mexico, Montana, Idaho, Wyoming, Washington, Oregon, Utah, Nevada, and Arizona.

Global Machinery will provide rentals, sales, aftermarket support of the new TerraVac® Xpose800 Hydro Excavation Trailer from KAISER PREMIER. The TerraVac Xpose800 boasts the proven power of KAISER PREMIER’s CV Series® Hydrovac in a compact footprint. Targeted for small contractors and municipalities, the TerraVac Xpose800 has the power you need for the most common applications.

The KAISER PREMIER TerraVac Xpose800 vacuum trailer measures only 21’ long and 8’6” wide with a height of just 8’ 8”. The small footprint makes it easy to maneuver without sacrificing power or capability. Equipped with an 800-gallon debris tank and 400-gallon freshwater capacity, the TerraVac Xpose800 is perfect for most common municipal applications. Whether your jobs include potholing, daylighting, or material reclamation the TerraVac Xpose800 will be your go-to tool.

“We knew that Global Machinery was the perfect partner to add to our dealership network for this unique piece of equipment. Their 20-plus years’ experience in renting construction, utility and municipal support equipment, coupled with their expertise with vacuum trailers, positions them as a preferred partner for our growing customer base.” said Mike Kohn, Executive Vice President, Sales & Marketing, KAISER PREMIER.

Jeff Brown the President of Global Machinery had this to say: “New equipment is always exciting, especially when it’s from a company like KAISER PREMIER. Over the last 25 years, we’ve rented and sold every vac truck and trailer you could imagine. When we saw that KAISER was taking operator feedback and putting that in action with the TerraVac line, we knew it was going to be a winner. Now that we’ve gotten our hands on one and gotten to test it in the field, we know they got it right. As the dealer for both Idaho and Colorado we are looking forward to bringing the TerraVac to our valued utility construction customers.”

KAISER PREMIER is the North American entity of KAISER AG group and a premier manufacturer and supplier of hydro excavation equipment and combination water recycler sewer cleaners based in Colorado, USA.

Global Machinery specializes in providing equipment solutions for a variety of segments of the construction industry. Global’s rental fleet, equipment service, parts procurement, and sales staff offer our customers various options that work for their needs.

For sales, rental, and service inquiries, contact Global Machinery at sales@globalmachinery.com.