ICUEE 2019

October 1-3, 2019 – Kentucky Exposition Center, Louisville, KY

ICUEE is the utility industry's largest trade show, covering 28+ acres of indoor and outdoor exhibits, and bringing together more than 18,000 utility professionals every two years. ICUEE was honored as a "Gold 100" Trade Show.

Join KAISER Premier in our outdoor booth (N1062) where we will feature the AquaStar, world’s most trusted recycler, and the CV Series Hydrovac.

Purpose-built hydrovacs for construction, utilities, and infrastructure

KAISER Premier’s CV Series hydrovacs are purpose-built to handle the toughest applications in the harshest of climates. Performance and operational simplicity are the foundations of the CV Series. At the center of the unit is the Robuschi DV145 blower, a 27” Hg, 6,600 cfm positive displacement blower. The Robuschi blower allows operators to power to pull longer distances, reach greater depths and handle heavier sludges.

The CV Series line of hydrovacs can also be equipped with optional air excavation capabilities. This gives operators the option to use air or water excavation depending on the demands or requirements of a specific job.

KAISER Premier’s CV Series unit comes ready to dig with its Top Gun boom that allows 342-degree rotation and a 26’ reach. The boom is also capable of digging 20’ down without clamping on extension pipes. This saves valuable time in the setup, tear down and cleaning processes.

AquaStar combination recycler: the world’s most trusted recycler

The AquaStar Combination Water Recycler delivers the world’s leading recycler that the industry demands. Building on KAISER’s 35-year recycler expertise, the AquaStar is the optimized combination of refined engineering and application experience that only comes from KAISER Premier.

Initial setup is quick, with a 52-foot debris hose that can reach 36 feet down without extensions. All sewer cleaning operations can be controlled and monitored from a wireless belly pack remote that provides functional information such as hose deployment, nozzle pressure, debris tank fill, and water levels, etc.

The AquaStar’s patented ROTOMAX filtration system is capable of recycling water from the most severe sewer conditions. Mounted in the debris body, the drum filter removes any particulates above 500 microns. Spray bars constantly clean the oscillating screen to ensure maximum filtration.

KAISER’s piston water pump (KDU) is a single-piston design with valves capable of passing 500-micron particles. There is no need for cyclones, microcyclones, or settling tanks for additional filtration. The pump produces an efficient 1 to 1.5 oil to water ratio that generates 0 to 132 GPM at 2,900 psi, depending on specific customer requirements.

The AquaStar features advanced technology in a tightly packaged design, with a smaller footprint than typical sewer cleaners, while still offering large debris body capacity and full power pumping systems. All these advantages combine to realize cost savings and up to 10,000 gallons per day under typical operating conditions. With no need to constantly stop operations and refill water, the AquaStar can increase productivity by up to 100%.