CV Series Liquid Ring

KAISER Premier launches revolutionary CV Series Liquid Ring equipped with Liquid Ring technology

  • KAISER Premier is taking the CV Series® Hydrovac to the next level by combining it with KAISER AG’s proven 7000i liquid ring pump technology
  • The CV Series Liquid Ring is purpose-built for petrochemical applications and aligns with API 2219 recommended practices
  • Some benefits are improved fuel efficiency, minimal maintenance, quiet operation, and no overheating
  • KAISER Premier recently unveiled the new CV Series Liquid Ring at WJTA 2019 in New Orleans on November 12, 2019

KAISER Premier’s CV Series Hydrovacs are proven to be powerful, rugged and most important… simple. Our equipment is purpose-built to tackle the toughest applications. In combination with technology from our parent company, KAISER AG, we are pushing our industry experience and expertise into the next generation of CV Series with the CV Series Liquid Ring.

KAISER’s legacy developing liquid ring technology

KAISER has been developing liquid ring technology since the mid-Eighties. Our KWP was the first light construction liquid ring pump for mobile applications. Liquid ring pumps use an eccentric rotor to produce a ring of water using centrifugal power. Volume changes in the rotor chambers assure that air is sucked in and compressed.

The KWP 7000i liquid ring pump is highly resistance to dirt particles and is ideally suited to vacuuming wet and dry material. The contact-free rotor assures extremely quiet running and a long-life cycle. The KWP causes no contamination of the pump exhaust air by lubricants and oils. The oil-bath bearings require no maintenance. Fuel efficiency is also improved during operation.

Lightweight and reliable

The KWP’s light construction make it lighter than most traditional positive displacement blowers. The integrated intercooler system assures a consistently low temperature for the service water. Even in the case of high ambient temperatures, continuous operation is possible over longer periods of time without the risk of overheating.

Taking the CV Series to the next level

By combining our proven hydrovac solutions with our industry-leading 7000i liquid ring technology, KAISER Premier is taking hydrovac functionality to the next level. This purpose-built hydrovac is perfect for petrochemical applications and aligns with API 2219 recommended practices. Whether it is hydrocarbon vacuuming, tank cleaning, or hydro excavation, the CV Series Liquid Ring promotes safer operation and mitigates the risk of material combustion.

By using our 7000i KWP liquid ring pump to generate suction, the risk of spark caused by a traditional positive displacement pump is eliminated. Given the operational and maintenance savings, KAISER Premier’s CV Series Liquid Ring is the best choice for petrochemical applications.

You can learn more about the CV Series Liquid Ring by contacting us at 970-542-1975 or email us at sales(at)