• Sewer Cleaning and Maintenance

Combination Sewer Cleaning, Maintenance and Pipeline Cleaning Equipment

Sewer cleaning and pipeline maintenance is critical task for any municipality. These complex and often aging networks require constant management to ensure effective functionality.

Over the past 20+ years, KAISER PREMIER’s AquaStar Combination Water Recycler has been proven as the most efficient pipeline cleaner throughout the world. Up to 100% production increase can be achieved while saving up to 24,000 gallons of water per day.

The AquaStar’s vacuum cleaning and jetting capabilities is purpose-built for sewer cleaning applications where maintaining pipes, pumps, lift stations, and other infrastructure is critical. The AquStar Water Recycler cleans sewers and pipelines using high-pressure water while simultaneously vacuuming backflushed debris and water to its onboard debris body. The Rotomax water recycling system allows water pulled from the sewer to be filtered in the debris body and cycled back into the jetting process.

KAISER PREMIER also offers a line of Proteus and Hathorn pipeline inspection cameras that perfectly pair with the AquaStar during pipeline cleaning applications. Pipeline inspection cameras are used to inspect pipe integrity or observe blockages in a pipe. An AquaStar can start cleaning operations at one manhole while working towards the next. An inspection camera is usually placed in the distant manhole and travels back towards the AquaStar while monitoring the clearing of blockages like grease, roots, and municipal waste.