• Pipe Cleaning and Maintenance

Combination Sewer Line Cleaning and Pipeline Maintenance Equipment

Routinely cleaning storm sewer lines, catch basins, lift stations and culverts with high-pressure jetting and vacuum equipment ensures that water moves freely throughout the whole municipal sewer and stormwater system. Using high-pressure jetting and vacuum equipment, such as KAISER PREMIER’s AquaStar Water Recycler, efficiently removes materials that build up in the pipes such as dirt, grease, and other pipeline blockages.

The AquaStar’s vacuum cleaning and jetting capabilities is purpose-built for sewer cleaning applications where maintaining pipes, pumps, lift stations, and other infrastructure is critical. The AquStar Water Recycler cleans sewers and pipelines using high-pressure water while simultaneously vacuuming backflushed debris and water to its onboard debris body. The Rotomax water recycling system allows water pulled from the sewer to be filtered in the debris body and cycled back into the jetting process.

Water recycling allows an operator to continuously work uninterrupted without having to leave the jobsite to offload the debris tank. Liquids can be offloaded via positive pressure in the debris body resulting in a lighter load being hauled to the dumpsite. This reduces fuel consumption operator time that can add up when frequent trips off the jobsite are required.