• Tank Cleaning

Gas & Oil Tank Cleaning with CV Series Hydrovacs

Cleaning tanks used in oil and gas operations is a tough job. KAISER PREMIER’s CV Series Hydrovacs are purpose-built for tank cleaning applications. The CV Series’ on-board boiler heats the high-pressure jetting water to cut through the thick sludge. The sludge and liquid are vacuumed from the tank into the debris body of the hydrovac where it is hauled away to a disposal site.

The introduction of the CV Series Liquid Ring Hydrovac adds another level of safety when working with combustible materials. KAISER has been developing liquid ring technology since the 80s. Our KWP was the first light construction liquid ring pump for mobile applications. Liquid ring pumps use an eccentric rotor to produce a ring of water using centrifugal power. Volume changes in the rotor chambers assure that air is sucked in and compressed.

The KWP 7000i liquid ring pump is highly resistance to dirt particles and is ideally suited to vacuuming wet and dry material. A contact-free rotor assures extremely quiet running and a long-life cycle. The KWP causes no contamination of the pump exhaust air by lubricants and oils. The oil-bath bearings require no maintenance. Fuel efficiency is also improved during operation.