• Midstream Pipeline Daylighting

Midstream Pipeline Services: Oil and Gas Pipeline Daylighting

Oil and gas pipelines require regular inspection and maintenance. When daylighting, the area surrounding the pipe must be carefully excavated without causing any damage to pipes when exposing them.

Hydrovacs are the perfect solution for daylighting for midstream oil and gas applications. The CV Series Hydrovac and TerraVac hydro excavation trailers use pressurized water or air to break up soil, earth, dirt, clay, or other materials. The excavated material is them vacuumed into hydro excavator’s debris tank. When daylighting using hydrovacs, an exactly precise hole depth and dimension can be achieved with hydro excavation versus using traditional shovel or backhoe equipment. Keep midstream pipeline projects on time and under budget my mitigating costly delays or infrastructure damage by using the more economical and safer excavation method of hydro excavation with a CV Series Hydrovac.

When laying new oil and gas pipelines for midstream applications, it is critical to first expose the ones that are already in place. Hydro excavation is an especially effective method for digging trenches in preparation for the new pipe. The CV Series Hydrovac can be used to dig precise narrow trenches to an exact depth using high-pressured water or air while maintaining the integrity of the surrounding soil. Hydro excavators are a safer and more practical alternative to traditional slot trenchers equipped with cutting blades.

Using KAISER Premier’s CV Series Hydrovacs allows operators to dig an accurate trench to a specified width and depth while working around existing obstacles. This reduces the need for additional backfill or extensive shoring that is typically required when using traditional excavation equipment.