• Sub-surface Utility Engineering (SUE)

Sub-surface Utility Engineering (SUE) with Hydro Excavation

Subsurface Utility Engineering (SUE) involves designating and locating underground utilities. Using hydro excavators in utility locating, commonly referred to as daylighting or potholing, is a non-destructive method providing visual confirmation of existing infrastructure.

Subsurface Utility Engineering Support is critical in the planning and design phase of a project, identifying interference between projects and underground features. Hydro excavation is an important tool when locating underground utilities in the beginning stages of a project as a preventative measure and to ensure the safety of all workers. This prevents potential damage to pipelines and utilities which can lead to costly repairs and extensive delays.

Water or air excavation available on the line of KAISER PREMIER’s CV Series Hydrovacs and TerraVac Hydrovac Trailers can support Subsurface Utility Engineering projects as a safe and affordable tool to locate, map and expose existing underground utilities.