• Utility Locating

Underground Utility Locating: Potholing or Daylighting with Hydro Excavation Equipment

Utility locating is an essential function for municipal maintenance and development applications. Traditionally performing excavation operations with a backhoe or shovel has led to costly infrastructure damage and pipeline ruptures. The result is that hydro excavation is now the favored and safer procedure for locating utilities.

Hydro excavation is a safe alternative to traditional shovel or backhoe digging methods of soil and material removal for utility locating for construction and infrastructure applications. Hydro excavation is also an environmentally friendly excavation method that protects existing utilities, pipelines, and cables from being damaged by traditional mechanical or destructive excavation methods.

In potholing or daylighting for utility locating jobs, the CV Series Hydrovac and TerraVac Trailer use pressurized water or air to break up soil, earth, dirt, clay, or other materials. The excavated material is them vacuumed into hydro excavator’s debris tank. When potholing or daylighting using hydrovacs, an exactly precise hole depth and dimension can be achieved with hydro excavation versus using traditional shovel or backhoe equipment. Keep projects on time and under budget my mitigating costly delays or infrastructure damage by using the more economical and safer excavation method of hydro excavation with a CV Series Hydrovac or TerraVac Hydro Excavation Trailer.