• Hydro Excavation

CV Series Hydrovacs and TerraVac Hydro Excavation Trailers

Hydro excavation is a safe alternative to traditional shovel or backhoe digging methods of soil and material removal for construction, infrastructure, and utility applications. Pressurized water (or air) is used to break up soil, earth, dirt, clay, or other materials. The excavated material is them vacuumed into the hydrovac’s debris tank. Hydro excavation is an environmentally friendly excavation method that protects existing utilities, pipelines, and cables from being damaged by traditional mechanical or destructive excavation methods.

KAISER PREMIER’s CV Series Hydro Excavators have been proven for harsh and rugged applications including cold weather environments. When a CV Series Hydrovac is equipped with a cold weather package, hot water can break up frozen ground in extremely low temperatures. Our excavators can also be fitted with suction hose extensions so that the hydrovac can be placed at a safe distance from the dig site.

When jobs require precision, such as in potholing and daylighting projects, the CV Series Hydrovacs and TerraVac Hydro Excavation Trailers can be equipped with dig tools, wands, and cutting heads that fit the application.